About us

If you have a sports spirit, you are certainly a true adventurer!

Indicom Brands moda óptica

At Indicom Brands® we speak to those who are brave by nature, those who love life, those who breathe adrenaline, and those who dream of taking their lives to the extreme.

Our brands and products are specially designed to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers and the optical and sports sector, positioning ourselves in the market as the most aspirational and innovative optical fashion group of all.

Every day we reinvent ourselves and seek to be our best version, and we invite our clients and business partners to do the same to achieve excellence.

Our mission? Accompany you to go further, to look beyond, meet your goals, reach the top, and conquer all your dreams.

Indicom Brands moda óptica gafas de sol

Know Our History!

Two Spanish businessmen, Eduardo Marqués and Eduardo Ruíz, woke up one day with the same great idea: to merge their own brands to create a single company dedicated to the Design Industry of Sports Optical Accessories and Accessories.

Both colleagues, inspired by their passion for adventure and extreme sports, decided in 2018 to unify the brands The Indian Face® (2006) and Uller® (2015) to together create the optical fashion group that we know today Indicom Brands®. As a result, they have positioned themselves as one of the most recognized fashion groups for its beginnings and trajectory in Spain, and for the creation of a third brand, Hanukeii® (2018), specifically focused on the female public, expanding its horizons to different markets.

Currently, Indicom Brands® dedicates efforts to the manufacture of fashion accessories that meet the demands and lifestyle of our customers at a competitive price in relation to the market. Our mission is to become the world's leading manufacturer and distributor of optical fashion accessories for athletes and adventure lovers.

Indicom Brandas moda óptica gafas de sol