The INDICOM group was born from the merger of ULLER®, The Indian Face® and Hanukeii® with the aim of becoming the Spanish company of reference in sports, casual and current fashion accessories.

With almost 2 decades of experience, in the INDICOM team we continue to work under the same values with which we started when it was still just an idea: humility, effort and passion.

Our markets are mainly in Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, Chile, the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom; but we distribute to more than 30 countries on 5 continents.

We are a group of retail brands specialized in sports optics, clothing and fashion accessories and we have more than 16 years of experience and compete with the leading companies in the sector.

The company is made up of a young team that seeks to reinvent itself day after day to design the best products. We are proud to have a multidisciplinary team passionate about sports capable of facing any challenge.


We have 3 brands positioned in different segments but with a common denominator: passion for sports and love for living life in absolute freedom.


The Indian Face® is our oldest and most versatile brand, with products for men and women who love life, sport and fashion. Throughout these years we have entered the market with a very varied offer, always keeping an eye on trends. We want to accompany our clients on a daily basis, providing them with the energy and vitality of The Indian Face®. Our products are focused on people who pursue challenges, want to be better and always seek to go beyond the established limits. That is why our sunglasses guarantee, in addition to eye care, a quality design that combines with everything.

In addition, we have collections of clothing and accessories adapted to the lifestyle of our customers, always giving a sports perspective and linked to nature.




Hanukeii® has been the latest addition to INDICOM, and feeds the most feminine side of the group. Made for women who seek to be fashionable and take care of their eyes, it is the brand with the largest offer of sunglasses designs, varying in color, shape and finishes. All of them guarantee optical quality and the ease of combining them with all kinds of looks.

This line also has a wide range of caps that follow a color line of soft tones, and that undoubtedly identify with the lifestyle nonstop, casual and chic that has the customer profile.




Since 2015, the Uller® brand has quickly positioned itself as one of the leading brands in the premium range ski and mountain sports accessories sector. It is aimed at lovers of Freeride and mountain sports who are looking for the perfect complement to accompany them even in the most extreme situations. It distributes internationally and collaborates with professional athletes who guarantee the quality and comfort of the products.

Its flagship product is the ski goggle, and the customer can choose from a wide variety of lens models depending on the use they are going to give it and the weather conditions they are going to face. Uller also has experience in sports optics producing glasses for cycling, running, motocross, etc, etc. Similarly, its collection of clothing and accessories stands out among lovers of these sports.




We are a young, fresh and varied group, with a common vision: we love life. Far from being a claim, it is something that accompanies us in our way of being and living. Everything revolves around it and we try to capture it in the products we design for our three brands, because they are designed for a lifestyle that we ourselves lead.

We are passionate about sports. In fact, we could say that each one has a sports tour different. Some of us have even competed in different outdoor sports disciplines. We are passionate about all sports, but especially those that are in full contact with nature: water, field, mountain... anyone can make us feel alive and free.

We design with comfort, aesthetics, versatility and innovation in mind. Our departments combine to tackle each project, and we are always open to new ideas.

"(…) I started designing t-shirts for my friends. I liked the idea, so I decided to go a little further and dare with more products, but all very informal. I did not think that this would be the beginning of a great company. Years later I got together with the one who is still my partner today – and namesake – and together we continue to evolve and create. We are proud to lead a team in which we all add (…) "- Eduardo Marqués, co-founder of Indicom Brands.

"(…) When I met Eduardo I saw myself very identified, both with his vision as an entrepreneur and with his passion for sports. We launched ourselves into a common project, and together we launched what Indicom Brands is today. I think our enterprising personality is the essence of the group, and that is why we like to have workers who also have it: people creative, passionate and decisive. (…) – Eduardo Ruiz, co-founder of Indicom Brands.





Aleix Gallimo (Lleida, 1986) is a snowboarder dedicated to this sport from a very early age. In addition to competing in different snow modalities, he is an instructor in Baqueira, transmitting his sporting values to all his students. As if that were not enough, he is a mechanic in a bicycle workshop in Valle de Benasque, something that undoubtedly connects him even more with nature and with the world of Enduro and Mountain Bike.



Astrid Fina (Barcelona, 1983) led a life outside the world of snowboarding before the fateful accident that left her without her right foot. She has been a Paralympic snowboarding pro ever since, making her debut in 2014 in Sochi at her first Paralympic Winter Games. Bronze medal in Pyeongchang 2018 and in the 2019 Adapted Snowboard World Championship, she is undoubtedly a benchmark in the world of sports and of course also as a person.



Blanca Manchón (Seville, 1987) has been crowned World Windsurfing Champion twice, competing in the Mistral and RS:X classes. Born in an environment of athletes, she was always an innate fighter who seeks to continue improving day after day. His undoubted talent and competitive quality has led him to compete in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, currently preparing for the next Paris 2024 Olympics.



Iván Pastor (Alicante, 1980) has been eleven times Windsurfing World Champion and has competed in the Mistral and RS:X classes in four Olympic Games. Retired from competitions but not completely, today he is an Olympic Windsurfing coach and seeks to continue transmitting his sports spirit and his great human values to other elite athletes.



Lucía Martiño (Asturias, 1994) tried surfing when she was barely eleven years old, becoming one of the youngest surfers recognized nationally and internationally. She has always managed to combine her studies with a sports career that has led her to be crowned Junior Spanish Champion and absolute Spanish Champion on multiple occasions. She came to occupy the third position in the June European professional circuit, and is currently focused on the QS world circuit of the World Surf League.



Víctor Fernández (Almería, 1984) is a three-time world champion professional windsurfer in the wave category. Also nominated at the 2011 Laureus Awards for best extreme athlete, his free spirit has led him to improve himself since he was five years old and tried this sport for the first time, since then forging a sports career capable of inspiring anyone.




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