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Three brands, three purposes...  Vision, inspiration, and innovation.

We offer innovative, varied and quality products, adapted to the latest trends in optical and sports fashion. We seek at all costs to support athletes and extreme athletes around the world to be the best in their categories, help them demonstrate their talent and live to the fullest each moment, each wave, each pirouette, each skid, each pedal stroke, each footprint they leave. in the path…

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The Indian Face

Adrenaline lovers fear very few things in life, and one of them is routine. A native explorer is not too interested in luxuries or everyday life... he lives adventure after adventure, enjoying every second as if it were the last, falling more and more in love with nature and sports. For an #IndianSpirit, conventional disciplines do not compare to the most extreme sports and the most challenging experiences, those that make you feel more alive and free than ever. 

For our part, we understand them; We are more than polarized glasses and personalized sports caps... We are a whole lifestyle. On The Indian Face® we have created plugins designed exclusively for those adventurers with indian spirit what follow their own rules and their own way, those who were born to be free. We understand and share that passion, like no one else does. We will be there, supporting you, and waiting for you at the top.  



The freeriders at heart they have a single mission: enjoy life unlimited. And ours? Offer them the best possible vision as they walk their path, the vision they deserve as professional and high-performance athletes, accustomed to high quality standards.

Uller® offers products with the highest technical performance at reasonable prices, with state-of-the-art technology and the most resistant materials available on the market: thermoplastic polyurethane, interchangeable magnetic lenses, internal ventilation, double anti-fog layer, and internal anti-fog ventilation system. condensation.

This is what a true freerider needs… Products that work for them, and look great!


Life is infinitely more enjoyable when you live without worries! Hanukeii® offers style, fashion and comfort for your day to day, on the beach, in the city, on your way. We want you to achieve that feeling of freedom that you feel when you are really yourself, when you express your own personality, when you walk barefoot on the warm sand just like that, because you want to, because you can. 

We offer uniwhat sunglasses in design and adaptation, specially designed for our customers to enjoy the most important moments in life, and every moment in a special way. Hanukeii® it is not simply worn, it is felt and we know perfectly well that the best things in life mean more when you look at them with different eyes.

Indicom Brands

Let there be no doubt: We want to be present in the adventure with each one of you, and every day we are more proud to help you go further with passion and impetus. We firmly believe that each of our clients deserves to live just like this: Without limits (Uller®), Without worries (Hanukeii®), Without rules (The Indian Face®).

Just adventure, adrenaline and sport! We see it happening, and you? Look at the path in front of you. How far do you want to go?



See you in action!